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Neville Hodge   United States

08. Dec 1955   172 cm  64 kg

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Neville Hodge
Neville Hodge

Neville Hodge
was born in St. Kitts and grew up in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Neville Hodge started his luxurious track career at Morgan State University in 1976 as part of dominating track and field program. During his track years, he was recognized as one of the premiere sprinters in the country. He has produced a time of 10.10 in the 100 meters Dash and 20.43 in the 200 meters DashWorld Record Holder in the 100 meters Dash for age 45 and over.

NevilleHodge is not just a track coach he is also an educator. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Master of Science in Sports Administration. He has also coached three Olympians, a two-time MEAC Coach in 1992, & 1994, and he owns two MEAC titles.
During his tenure, he has developed fourteen Olympians, ten NCAA qualifiers, ten NCAA All Americans, forty-five MEAC Champions, four MEAC Record Holders, and five Most Valuable Athletes.

He is presently the Head Track & Field Coach at Morgan State University. During his spare time, he volunteers to develop young athletes from the Baltimore area and spends valuable time with his family. He resides in Baltimore Maryland.