WMA World Masters Athletics



If a NGB makes an application for affiliation in a country where there is an existing WMA Affiliate, the Council shall make a recommendation to the applicant. If the recommendation to the applicant is not accepted, a special Commission consisting of an equal number of representatives from the IAAF and WMA shall be established to consider the matter and make a recommendation to the applicant to be sent through the IAAF Secretariat. If the recommendation is still not accepted, the Commission shall present a report to the IAAF Council, submitting its considerations and recommendations. The final decision shall be made by the WMA Council.

(11) Except for emergency meetings, Council members are obligated to schedule travel sufficiently in advance to obtain the lowest economy fares.

(12) All requests for reimbursement shall be supported by receipts or other supporting documentation acceptable to the Treasurer.

(13) If a Council member is eligible for reimbursement from a third party source, such as his sport federation, the member shall not be entitled to duplicate reimbursement by WMA.

(14) In no event shall a Council member receive travel or other related reimbursement when the member has not personally incurred that expense.

(15) At the annual Council meeting, the President, in consultation with the WMA Council, shall decide the participation of WMA Representatives in Regional, or other major Championships.

(16) The WMA Executive consists of the elected officers:
the President,
the Executive Vice- President (hereinafter referred to as E-VP),
the Vice-President Stadia (hereinafter referred to as VP-S),
the Vice-President Non-Stadia (hereinafter referred to as VP-NS),
the Secretary,
the Treasurer, and

Formal electronic motions may be submitted by any Council Member to the WMA Secretary. The Secretary shall immediately send the motions to the President by the best method, preferably by E-mail. The President will decide the acceptability and, in conjunction with the motion proposer, draft the final wording of the motion which will be documented by the WMA Secretary.
The WMA Secretary shall then immediately date and circulate the approved motion to all Council Members for voting by the fastest and best available method, preferable E-mail. The Secretary shall require acknowledgment of receipt, by the same method, within seven (7) days of the circulation.
All votes, or amendments, must be received by the Secretary within fourteen (14) days of the motion circulation. Motions are considered successful by a simple majority of votes of a quorum of at least two-thirds of the Council. The President has an additional vote to break a tie, if necessary, after the 14th day.
If proposed amendments to the motion in question are received, the Secretary, in conjunction with the original motion and the amendment proposers, will draft the final wording of the amended motion and shall circulate as above.
The Secretary shall then note and tabulate all voting messages and forward each vote message to the WMA Treasurer who will scrutinize the results and provide them to the President for immediate announcement to the full Council.


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