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Jeff Hartwig   United States   
25  Sep  1967  190 cm  82 kg

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Video: Jeff Hartwig Pole Vault 595 cm
Video: Jeff Hartwig Pole Vault 595 cm

Pole Vault All-Time Rankings   (with Jeff Hartwig)

Jeff Hartwig
(born in St. Louis) is an American pole vaulter.

In 1998 he set two North American records with 6.00 and 6.01 metres. The latter was an improvement of 16 centimetres from his personal best of 5.85 m from 1997. In 1999 he won US national championships by improving his own record to 6.02 metres, and his current North American record of 6.03 metres followed in 2000. His personal best indoor is 6.02 metres, also an area record. Only Sergei Bubka has jumped higher in an indoor competition.

With 5.86 metres from 4 July 2004 Hartwig holds the world's best performance for men over 35 years.

Jeff vaulted collegiately for Florissant Valley Community College and Arkansas State University