Google Map Pedometer Instructions:

  • Moving the Map: Move the map by using the directional arrow controls, or click and hold on the map to drag it.
  • Zoom to Your Location: Use the + and - map controls to zoom in or out, or the use scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • Draw Your Route: When you are where you want to be, begin clicking on the map to draw your route. Click once to determine your starting point, then click again at every turn (if your route contains turns), and once more to determine your endpoint.
  • Distance: The total distance of your route is displayed in the field below the map. The radio button allows you to display the distance in either miles or kilometers.
  • Saving Your Route: Click the Save button below the map. A URL containing a direct link to your route will appear over the map. Copy this link and save the link on your computer for future access, or to share your route with others.
  • To Reset: Click on the Clear link below the map.