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Roger Robinson   New Zealand 
15. May 1939

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Roger Robinson
Roger Robinson

By Andy Edwards

Roger Robinson has combined the career of distinguished academic with a passion that matches his talent for distance running. He has twice competed at the World Cross Country Championships, firstly for England in 1966 and then for New Zealand in 1977. Now professor emeritus of literature at Victoria University in New Zealand, his running career goes back to schooldays and then when reading English at Cambridge University while training alongside fellow under- graduates equally committed to the harrier ethos of distance running. This interview, which took place in the press room shortly after the finish of the 2008 London Marathon, offers strong insights into the development of running as a sport in the past 50 years, including the rise of the Africans, as well as the qualities required to be a successful competitor in the ultimate test: the Olympic Games.

When you were running as a student and then as a young academic, getting on to international cross country teams, Africans were there, but they were nothing like as dominant as they are now, right?

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