As he says here, `I hope my story will encourage others'. Herb Elliott, in the foreword to this book, rightly says that his life is one that shows us how to deal with hardship and obstacles. As an indomitable inspiration, I think it is possible to see him in the same light as Douglas Bader.

My mother introduced me to John Gilmour when he and she were at the Hollywood Repatriation Hospital in the 1950s (since he could not see to drive, he worked there as a gardener), and while I have always followed his career with admiration, it needed this book to tell us-not only us in Perth-what a Man he is. Here is a real Australian hero for the world.

While this heroic story is Gilmour's, great credit must go to Richard Harris for having told it so well, and to Hesperian Press for having published a truly magnificent book, a classic and a tonic to read. Forget `Chariots of Fire'. What a film this could make!

Hal Colebatch is a Perth writer.

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